Equilibrium Security

Published on: 31/12/2020

By Simon Tomlinson



Equilibrium Security has been established for almost a decade. They provide consultancy, design and implementation of cyber security services to businesses all over the UK.

When the director of Equilibrium Security came to us they already had a brand and website in place, but the website was outdated and very slow which was impacting their ability to attract new clients. They asked us to revamp the website design to give it a fresh new look and improve the speed so that it loads much faster.


The time it takes for a website to load is crucial for keeping customers engaged. According to a survey completed by Pingdom, 38% of visitors will leave a site which takes more than 5 seconds to load. So for businesses which have slow loading websites, this can have a big impact on sales. In addition, did you know that Google actually collects data regarding speed performance as part of it’s algorithm to rank websites? So having a sluggish website will leave you further down the pecking order on Google searches.

We initially conducted some analysis of the Equilibrium Security website to understand the performance issues and we discovered that it had been built using an outdated platform which was no longer suitable for modern websites. We transferred the content onto a brand new platform which is optimised for performance and we also compressed the images to reduce their size. Together this increased the load time from 1.32 seconds to 0.18 seconds.

During the process of transferring content over to the new platform we redesigned the layout, added colourful icons and updated the colour scheme. We kept the original colours of black and gold to match with the overall brand, but we added light-blue as a feature colour to signify trust and dependability. The amount of gold was reduced and used as an accent for highlighting certain elements like buttons and hyperlinks. We also added new functionality including an instant-chat facility and a social media newsfeed. This created a much more visually engaging site which encourages visitors to stay for longer and explore different pages.

The final aspect to address was the website structure. The website contains lots of pages because of the variety of services that Equilibrium Security offer, but this was making it confusing for customers so we implemented a new structure and menu system which made it much simpler and easy to navigate.


Slow loading websites are a common problem and something we often get asked to help with. By rebuilding the Equilibrium Security website using the most up to date platform and optimising the size of each individual page we were able to transform the website performance. We also updated the look and feel of the website to make it more modern, engaging and easier to navigate. This was done by updating the colour scheme, changing the structure and adding new interactive features.

Equilibrium Security were very happy with their new website which looks more professional, performs better and has improved SEO too.


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