Branding & Design

Create a professional image for your business to make the right first impression.

Hi, my name’s Simon and I’m the Marketing & Content Creation Manager at Kiklab. I love working with clients to help create their brand identity because it’s a very creative process and such a fundamental part of building any business. The most important part of designing a new brand is understanding the company’s characteristics, values and target customers. We can then create a brand which is perfect for your business and appealing to your customers.

I’m also an experienced photographer and video producer which I’m really passionate about. If you’d like amazing visual content for your website and social media accounts, this is something we can provide for you at Kiklab.

What does your branding and design say about your business?

Research shows that customers form an opinion about websites within 0.05 seconds and often the first thing they see is your branding and design including the logo, colour palette and typography.

Here are some of the reasons why your branding and design is so important:

How we will work with you

Every business has different needs, so therefore we will work closely with you to identify your unique requirements and develop a customised strategy to maximise your online performance. 

It’s important that you know what’s happening so we will liaise with you on a regular basis to ensure you understand what we’re doing and provide clear metrics to show the results.

Providing a personal service is at the core of what we do so we’re always on hand to provide help and advice when you need it.

Our Branding & Design Service

We will take the time to really understand the core values, market positioning and characteristics of your business so that we can translate that into a unique and professional brand identity.

Branding Analysis

In order to provide you with the best online marketing strategy for your business, we will complete a comprehensive analysis of your market. This includes the following:

Risk Management

Technical Advice

Financial Advice

Planning & Coordination

Innovative Ideas

Business Strategies

How can we help?

Contact us over the phone or using our online contact form.

Branding Packages

 Basic PackageStandard PackagePremium Package
Identity Design (Including Logo, Typography & Colour Pallette)1 logo
1 font
1 colour
3 logo
3 font
3 colour
5 logo
5 font
5 colour
Business Cards & Stationary
Graphics (Social Media Graphics, Google Ads Media, Animated Media)1 social media assets
1 Google Ads media
No animated media
3 social media assets
3 Google Ads media
No animated media
5 social media assets
5 Google Ads media
2 animated media
Professional Brand BookX
Photo/Video ElementsXX

Photo Packages

 Basic PackageStandard PackagePremium Package
Photoshoot Time1 hour2 hours8 hours
Photos ProvidedUp to 15Up to 30Up to 60
Editing Included
Types of Photography Available
EventsCorporate & TeamsProperty

Video Packages

 Basic PackageStandard PackagePremium Package
On Site Filming4 hours8 hours2 days
What You Get1 Promotional video
5 social media videos
1 Promotional video
5 social media videos
3 testimonial videos
1 Promotional video
10 social media videos
3 testimonial videos
3 x tutorial / vlog videos
Social Media VideosTestimonial VideosPromotional VideosTutorial/Explainer VideosVLOG Videos
Short videos of less than 60 seconds which capture the viewer's attention quickly. Footage captured on-site is edited together with music, text and animated logo.Interviews with customers or employees to ask them what they think about the organisation. The key highlights from interviews are then edited together with other footage and music.A much more dynamic type of video with high production value, music and graphics to really wow your customer and sell your products. Talking to camera and explaining how something works. These videos will be supported by other footage and graphics if required. These are great for getting views on YouTube.Informal behind the scenes videos which allow your customers to really get to know your staff and your business.
15-45 seconds in duration1-3 mins in duration1-3 mins in duration3-10 mins in duration3-10 mins in duration

Popular Requirements

Providing a personal service is at the core of what we do so we’re always on hand to provide help and advice when you need it.

Other Services

Web Design & Software

Provide an enjoyable user experience for your customers to ensure they’ll keep coming back.

Online Marketing

Make sure your business can be found easily by new and existing customers.

Social Media

Increase your social media presence and engage directly with your audience.

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