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Make sure your business can be found easily by new and existing customers.

Hi my name is Chris and I'm the Founder and Online Marketing Manager at Kiklab.

I'm here to give you the best service you have ever received from an agency. Get in touch anytime to find out more.

How do your potential customers and clients find you online?

Online marketing is essential in today’s digital landscape to help you stand out from the crowd and make it easy for people to discover your products and services.

We are experts in maximising your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), email campaigns, social media adverts and more; to increase the visibility of your organisation to the people who matter. Your customers!

We are also a certified Google partner which means that we have passed certification exams, are up to date with the latest product knowledge and can provide exclusive discounts which are only available to accredited organisations like us.

How we will work with you

Every business has different needs, so therefore we will work closely with you to identify your unique requirements and develop a customised strategy to maximise your online performance.

It’s important that you know what’s happening so we will liaise with you on a regular basis to ensure you understand what we’re doing and provide clear metrics to show the results.

Providing a personal service is at the core of what we do so we’re always on hand to provide help and advice when you need it.

Our Online Marketing Services

Online marketing is about driving more traffic to your website and increasing your sales. As part of your customised digital marketing strategy, we can provide you with the following services:

Marketing Analysis

In order to provide you with the best online marketing strategy for your business, we will complete a comprehensive analysis of your market. This includes the following:

Risk Management

Technical Advice

Financial Advice

Planning & Coordination

Innovative Ideas

Business Strategies

How can we help?

Contact us over the phone or using our online contact form.

PPC Marketing Packages

 Monthly costWhat is it?
Pay Per Click Search Ads
From £200 per month*Advertising on Google and Bing to make sure that your business is on top of the search results.
Email CampaignsFrom £200 per month*Sending targeted email to your potential and existing clients.
Display AdvertisingFrom £200 per month*After a customer has been on your website, your advert will be shown on other google partner sites to reinforce your brand.
Social Media AdvertisingFrom £200 per month*Targeted advertising using detailed demographics on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn.
* The monthly cost depends on how much you want to spend but the bigger the investment, the greater the return.

As a Google Partner, we can support you in reaching more potential customers online. We’re recognized for having the Google Ads skills and expertise to optimize your campaigns and help you get results!

SEO Marketing Packages

 Basic PackageStandard PackagePremium Package
Main Keywords3612
Long-tail Keywords122550
Competitor ResearchXX
Keyword Research
Technical SEO
Link BuildingX3 links/month5 links/month

We help you get a leg-up with your next marketing project as a trusted Semrush Agency Partner. Discover our services and connect with the strongest professionals supported by first-class technology.

Popular Requirements

Providing a personal service is at the core of what we do so we’re always on hand to provide help and advice when you need it.

Other Services

Branding & Design

Create a professional image for your business to make the right first impression.

Web Design & Software

Provide an enjoyable user experience for your customers to ensure they’ll keep coming back.

Social Media

Increase your social media presence and engage directly with your audience.

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