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Provide an enjoyable user experience for your customers to ensure they’ll keep coming back.

Hi, my name is Cristi and I’m the Head of Web Development at KIKLAB. My main focus is building and maintaining websites and software systems using cost efficient technologies. I believe that connectivity, privacy and security are the main drivers for the 21st century so I make sure that all the systems we deliver or maintain are up to speed.

I have been working in IT for the past 2 decades, so I can provide consultancy in just about all aspects ranging from software systems to office equipment.

Why do you need a good Website?

Research shows that 75% of people make a judgement about a company’s credibility based on visual design alone.

Source: Stanford University, 2002

Your website is your shop window, it’s often the first thing that people see and it’s a big part of how your customers will perceive you as an organisation. Outdated, unattractive and slow websites can make your customers go elsewhere within a few seconds.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s important for you to have a professionally designed website for your business:

The popularity of mobile apps is growing, in 2019 consumers downloaded 204 billion mobile apps and that number is expected to rise into the future.

Source: App Annie, 2020

Although it might seem like mobile apps are only for the big blue-chip companies, they are becoming more and more popular for small and medium sized entities too especially when it comes to shopping or appointment booking functionality. Other benefits of having a purpose built app for your business include:

How we will work with you

Every business has different needs, so therefore we will work closely with you to identify your unique requirements and develop a customised strategy to maximise your online performance. 

It’s important that you know what’s happening so we will liaise with you on a regular basis to ensure you understand what we’re doing and provide clear metrics to show the results.

Providing a personal service is at the core of what we do so we’re always on hand to provide help and advice when you need it.

This is what we can do for your website

Bespoke Software

Creating a mobile app or bespoke software can feel daunting, so we are here to make the process effortless and guarantee that you love the end product.

Website & Software Analysis

In order to provide you with the best online marketing strategy for your business, we will complete a comprehensive analysis of your market. This includes the following:

Risk Management

Technical Advice

Financial Advice

Planning & Coordination

Innovative Ideas

Business Strategies

How can we help?

Contact us over the phone or using our online contact form.

Website Packages

 Basic PackageStandard PackagePremium Package
Number of PagesUp to 3Up to 15Up to 45
DesignCustomized templateProfessional designBespoke design
Responsive DesignX
Secure Hosting
Domain Name
AmendmentsDIY1 RevisionUnlimited
Email Addresses1Up to 25Up to 50

Popular Requirements

Providing a personal service is at the core of what we do so we’re always on hand to provide help and advice when you need it.

Other Services

Branding & Design

Create a professional image for your business to make the right first impression.

Online Marketing

Make sure your business can be found easily by new and existing customers.

Social Media

Increase your social media presence and engage directly with your audience.

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