Mixologist World

Published on: 11/12/2020

By Simon Tomlinson



Mixologist World sells a number of different wine decanters and cocktail sets which are all products they have designed and created themselves.

They asked us to create a modern and professional website that would appeal to wine and cocktail lovers who enjoy hosting parties and celebrations at home. The main purpose of the website is for advertising and selling their products to customers in North America.


The Mixologist World brand is all about elegance, fun and the finest quality; so these are the characteristics that we incorporated at the heart of the website design. The overall look is very modern and clean with a striking landing page and a colour palette to tie in with the existing logo. The website also incorporates a mixture of product and stock photography which is inviting and sells a lifestyle which customers want to be part of.

The client initially wanted a dark background for the site, however that would have made it very difficult for customers to view the products so we suggested using a light grey and white colour scheme instead which creates much more contrast and helps the products really stand out.

Although they wanted the new website to advertise their products, Mixologist World were already selling through Amazon and therefore we suggested not adding an e-commerce shop to the website to save them from unnecessary costs and logistics. Instead we created links from their website to the Amazon shop they already have in place.

We als added an email collection function on the homepage which is useful to email marketing campaigns and a chat facility which makes it easy for customers to ask any questions they might have.

The final elements of the website construction was to include additional pages for cocktail recipes and a blog. These pages are great to engage customers when they are browsing the site and are also very important for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) purposes.


The Mixologist World website went live in July, 2020 and we received fantastic feedback from the client. The requirements we were given at the start of the project was to create a beautiful looking website which matches their brand and showcases their products to new customers. We achieved this using a very modern, clean and striking design which compliments the stylish wine decanters and cocktail makers. Simplicity was another key element which underpinned the design to ensure it was easy for the customer to purchase products. The brightly coloured ‘buy now’ buttons and links to Amazon make the buying process effortless for the customer and reduce the shipping logistics for our client too!

Overall we are very happy with the website we created. It’s a perfect blend of simplicity, style and functionality.


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