Jade Windows

Published on: 28/05/2021

By Simon Tomlinson



Jade Windows is a family business based in Batley, West Yorkshire, who manufacture and install a wide selection of windows and doors for domestic and commercial properties.

They initially wanted help to modernise their website and make it easier for customers to navigate, however following the completion of this work they have subsequently employed our services to help with digital marketing too.

Figure 1: Old website Home page
Figure 2: New website Home page


The original website was quite basic and made in a platform called Kirby which is not very user-friendly or flexible and takes a long time to make changes, so we recommended moving the website to WordPress which is a much more modern and adaptable system.

After rebuilding the website in WordPress we were then able to update the appearance, change the layout and add a number of useful features. For example, we developed a unique menu system which is very graphical with pictures and animation so that it’s quick and easy for customers to navigate around the site whilst also looking visually attractive and striking.

Figure 3: Old website Main Menu
Figure 4: New website Main Menu
Figure 5: New website Products Menu

The structure of each page now comprises of several clearly defined sections which make it effortless for users to quickly find the information they are looking for and we have also added graphical icons to help the pages feel even more visually engaging. Parallax photos have been used in various places around the website to give it a three dimensional and contemporary feel and we have also added animation to some of the other photos and text to make it even more dynamic. Another benefit of using WordPress is that it is easy to make each page feel unique whilst also maintaining consistency.

It’s very important that websites are quick to load because users can go elsewhere if it takes more than a couple of seconds. The Jade Windows website contains a lot of photos which can slow down the performance, so in order to ensure that the website is operating at the highest level we have used a high speed Content Delivery Network (CDN) to host all of the media. A CDN is a geographically distributed network of servers which helps reduce the distance between the user and the server and therefore increase speed and performance.

Figure 6: Old services and testimonials section
Figure 7: New services section
Figure 8: New testimonials section

After completing the website, Jade Windows also asked us to help with digital marketing to improve their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) performance. SEO is a process of optimising websites to improve its ranking on search engines like Google and increase the amount of organic traffic which it receives. At Kiklab we use a very powerful tool for SEO called SEMRush which allows us to analyse the website performance, identify improvements to be made, determine the best keywords to use and also investigate competitors’ websites. After performing this analysis we updated the website text to target specific keywords for each page and this made a big difference to the search engine rankings and website traffic.


The Jade Windows website has been transformed with the changes that we made to give it a fresh and modern look, a new structure which is easy to navigate and we have maximised the performance using a CDN for the media elements so that it is quick and responsive.

We have also helped Jade Windows even further with their SEO to ensure that they are easily found by customers who are searching for windows and doors. This has been done by identifying the most valuable keywords and optimising the text on each of the webpages.

Jade Windows are very happy with their new website and SEO performance, and we are continuing to work together in the future for any changes that they require and other digital marketing services.


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