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What is the price of a website?

It is very simple actually. We create your unique design at a flat rate and then keep it online 24/7 for you.

Only £499 to create and £299/month to keep it running

Services included in this cost:

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    Unique, mobile-friendly design

    Every website we build is unique. If you don`t have a website yet we will create it from scratch based on your requirements.

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    Content migration

    If you already have a website we will transfer all the data for you. Text, images and even email and other files from the old server.

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    SEO optimised

    Your new website will be SEO friendly from the first moment. All on-site SEO indicators are carefully altered so your audience can find the website.

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    Unlimited updates

    We will update the content of your website with the information you provide making sure we keep it on top!

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    Monthly visitor insights

    We measure and provide complete and easy to understand reports about visitors on your website and their behavior.

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    24/7 monitoring

    Your services should be found any time so we test every 15 minutes to make sure the servers are running and the website is loading fast and secure.

What`s next? Here is the complete process!

From the first meeting to the bottle of champagne we figured everything out and we simplified it in a simple process. Because simple things work.

1. Build the website

First step is the website. After we understand your business we create a perfectly shaped web design for your company. This is the tool that will represent you online and it only costs £499 in the beginning and £299/month to keep it running.

2. Marketing Strategy

After the first step is completed we brainstorm for the marketing strategy. Depending on your business we will propose campaigns in various online channels like PPC, SEO, Social and Email Marketing. Sometimes Branding is a must and this is the moment when we do it. For these services you can find prices if you scroll down.

3. Measure, Test, Implement

Measuring results, celebrating success and the starting over. This is the final step of the process and we never stop measuring, testing and implementing different ideas that transform your website from a simple business card to a super-selling tool!

Marketing services

After the website is up you should hit the news but clients won`t come flowing without a proper marketing strategy. There are many channels to focus on, but we will find the most valuable for your business.

You pay for what you need, when you need it.

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    Adwords Management, from £100/month

    Adwords is the biggest PPC platform and manages Google Search Page. People searching for your product/service online? You need this.

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    Advanced SEO, from £250/month

    Although your website comes SEO-ready, you might invest in advanced SEO to be sure that you get ahead of your competition.

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    Reputation Management, from £400/month

    A little bit of PR, Branding and SEO! Your reputation is highly valuable on the long run. We make sure people say good things on review sites, forums and blogs.

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    Email Marketing, from £150/month

    Keep your clients up to date with your news and promotions. Email marketing is the main engine for repeated sales. We love it!

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    Social Media, from £100/month

    From profile creation, to page monitoring, status updates and more! Social activity is important for SEO, Brand and more.

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    Copywriting, from £40/article

    Deliver amazing content creating value around your vision. For print and online we can create that professional text that will captivate everyone.

Answers to some frequently asked questions:

You can do that whenever you want. Our contract has no obligations in this way. If you paid your subscription for more than a year you can take the content and design of your website. We can even help you transfer everything so you don`t experience any downtime periods.
Usually between 2 and 4 weeks. It could take a little bit longer in some cases depending on complexity, number of pages, text, photos, videos.
You sure can. You can even edit your content from your phone or tablet. We work with WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems around. You will have full access if required.
Your website comes with basic SEO done but in most cases you need to invest in Advanced SEO to hit the top10 search results. In some less competitive verticals you can achieve first page of Google with the base SEO but these cases are rare.
The copywrite is included in the monthly subscription and covers everything on your website excluding the news or blog section. For any article that you need to publish on your website or media we are happy to help. Prices will be discussed based on the complexity and length.
Redesigning you website could mean a big difference already but we recommend our marketing services to start acquiring clients with the help of web.

Ok, let`s begin!

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